10 Tips for a great interior photography shoot

Simple tips for great interior photographs are few and far in between.  Here's my top 10 list:

1.) Clear all the clutter: Stacks of paper, trash cans, spices and oils in the kitchen, and toiletries in the bathroom should all be removed. 

2.) Make sure your windows are clean. If you have a nice view or lots of sun a dirty window isn't going to help either. 

3.) Fresh flowers and a bowl of fruit are a must. It adds life and style without breaking the bank. Try just one color; all yellow lemons or all pink lilies. 

4.) Blinds and window shades must be able to be opened, and not broken. Make sure they are all in working order.

5.) Remove all appliances from kitchen counter tops. Toasters, blenders, soda water makers, and spices should all be cleared away. Kitchens look best when they are open and clear of clutter.

6.) Make sure your bathroom has recently been cleaned from top to bottom. All the grout lines in the shower should be crisp and bright, and all glass free from spots.

7.)  Groups of family photos on window ledges and table tops should be removed. They add visual clutter to a photo. 

8.) Steam your bed sheets and pillows. You can buy an inexpensive hand steamer to remove all the wrinkles. Crips linens make for a tidy photo.

9.) Buy some colorful accent pillows. Bright single colors look best and work well on couches and beds.

10.) Remove large or heavily warn furniture. Grandpa's recliner might be comfy but it's big and bulky and distracts from the room.