Cheap Staging Tip #247: How to make a fruit bowl look full with limited fruit


When I'm shooting kitchens and dining rooms I always like to have fruit in a bowl. It helps add color, life and just looks nice. More often than not there isn't enough fruit in a home to fill up a large bowl. The easiest way to fill up a large bowl is put a smaller bowl inside of it! This will help take up most of the space in the big bowl while also elevating the fruit. If you have a set of nesting bowls these work the best, but if not really any bowl will do. Simply flip the smaller bowl upside down and place it in the big bowl. The fruit needs to be piled up in the direction facing the camera. This trick only works for photos because in real life it's still a sad mostly empty bowl of fruit, but for photos it works every time! Check out the video below to see how it's set up.